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Taking the time to truly listen to the patient and look at the patient has been her philosophy.
She has seen by really spending time and by being thorough the results of achieving the patient’s goal of feeling better is remarkable. She will be able to work with you through your problems by taking a natural approach to restore the healing process.
Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and improve function. This is done by inserting sterilized, stainless-steel needles (that are as fine as a human hair) into specific points located near or on the surface of the skin which have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

“I am a physician and practice anesthesiology in Phoenix, Arizona. Three years ago my back started hurting and then my legs started feeling numb while at work. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and a bulging disk in my lower back. I underwent three steroid epidurals, many consultations and tests, and had been in physical therapy for over a year when I went to see Susan Shelton by recommendation of a friend. I had now been battling severe pain for a year and a half and could not even stand up straight at that point even with vigorous PT and the epidurals. I was barely able to function and ended up taking a year off from work. I went to see Susan when I had exhausted traditional medicine and I was desperate. Of course, as a physician, I did not believe in acupuncture but since I was in so much pain I would have tried anything!

I was impressed with Susan the moment I met her. She was compassionate, competent and was very thorough with my history and physical. She spent the time to go over my medications and vitamins and I felt very comfortable with her. I underwent acupuncture over my entire body. I expected that only the back would be treated but Susan believes in the “total body” approach. I left the office feeling very hopeful. The next day, I swear I felt less pain! I went to see Susan three times a week for a couple of weeks and then came once a week after. In less than two weeks for the first time in a year and a half the pain was manageable and I was able to walk around more and stand up straighter! The tightness and spasm started to finally let up and I was able to bend and move again. I became a believer in acupuncture after that!!!

Since then I have had other things treated which I also did not quite believe in at that time. I came down with a case of tonsillitis with severe throat swelling and fever. After getting on the appropriate antibiotics and not being to swallow anything for three day I saw Susan and had acupuncture on my neck with some heat therapy. After the treatment I went home and went to bed. I awoke hours later and the swelling had gone down so much in those few hours I was able to eat some soup! I recovered rapidly after that!

I now believe in the physiologic and healing affects of acupuncture especially when in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced care giver! I wholeheartedly recommend Susan Shelton for acupuncture therapy. She has been in practice for decades and has the expertise, knowledge, talent and compassion to take care of any patient in need!”
Dawn McGinnis, M.D.
Phoenix, Arizona

I was a patient of Susan Shelton for about 5 years. I was very impressed with Susan and her credentials from the moment I met her. Susan was one of the first acupuncturists to be licensed in the State of Arizona so I felt very comfortable seeing her. Her bedside manner is exceptional. Susan takes the time to really dig deep and find out where your body is out of balance. There is absolutely NO pain during a treatment. The time she takes to find out where you most need a treatment pays off in maximum dividends because I felt so much better. I moved away from Phoenix in May 2010 and my biggest regret is I have not been able to find anyone as thorough and sincere as Susan and probably never will.”
Fred A.
Arlington, Va.

“After suffering from severe anxiety/panic disorders for over 9 years and going through an agonizing menopause a family member referred me to Susan. I had strong reservations regarding acupuncture so Susan listened to me and started me out with a nutritional program regarding diet, counseling and natural products. After only a few months I began to feel better and was able to get off some dangerous prescription drugs that I had been taking for over 9 years. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments now for about a year and I can honestly say I would not be as healthy and functional today had I chosen to stay on my previous path of taking dangerous drugs for my anxiety and pain. Her method is unique, confidential, efficient and effective! I feel like she saved my life and by that I mean I am able to actually enjoy my life-day to day! There are many things I wouldn’t do prior to my treatments such as driving, shop, visit with friends and now I am able to do all of those things and actually enjoy myself. Traveling over 80 miles to see her is worth every mile because the results of good health both mentally and physically can’t be measured compared to how I was living prior to receiving her treatments. My advice for others who are experiencing pain or anxiety is to take the first step to holistic health and see how wonderful life can be regardless of your age!”

Lori M.
Tempe, Arizona

“We miss Susan! Since my wife Cheryl and I left Arizona three years ago we haven’t been able to find anyone with Susan’s abilities to help get rid of our aches and pains. Cheryl swears up and down that Susan was so instrumental in giving her positive energy flow and therefore letting my wife feel better about herself. Susan helped her feel better not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Susan was a tremendous help to both of us with her acupuncture treatments for our problems as they arose as well as giving us great advice and counsel in other matters. Her recommendations for daily nutritional supplements has always been right on target especially with our allergies. We wish she would move to Texas as there is no one like her here!”
Bill and Cheryl Scott
Boerne, Texas

SHELTON ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC | 6630 North 47th Avenue Suite 6 Glendale, AZ 85301 | (623) 937-9125