About Susan Shelton, L.Ac.
Susan Shelton is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and has been practicing acupuncture in Glendale, Arizona for over 35 years. Susan is a second generation healthcare provider, as her father was a well-known naturopathic and chiropractic physician and her mother was a ballerina.

Susan completed her undergraduate studies at Phoenix College and Arizona State University. She was the first woman in Arizona to be certified in acupuncture in 1976 after completing her studies at Columbia College in New York. She completed training all over the world studying with some of the most influential masters in acupuncture such as the late Dr. J. R. Worsely in England and the late Dr. William McGarey, M.D. from Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1996, Susan was the second individual to be certified as a naturopathic medical physician’s assistant. Her training included examination procedures, injections, blood draws, sterilization, collecting and handling specimens, physical therapy, nutrition, natural supplements, and acupuncture.

Like her mother, Susan has always had a passion for dance and started studying ballet as a little girl. In her 40s, Susan was a three time United States National Ballroom Champion. Via her travels to competitions she took her expertise with her and treated many of the dancers, choreographers and judges with acupuncture with positive results. Susan, being an expertise dancer, understands the athletic and sport injuries and knows the importance of getting athletes healthy and out of pain as quickly as possible. Over the years she has treated several professional football, tennis players and golfers with good results.

About Shelton Acupuncture Clinic
Most of Susan’s patients are referrals whether they are patients’ family, friends or co-workers. In some instances, Susan has treated three generations of family members! She also receives high praises and referrals from traditional medical practitioners.

In today’s world economics is always a factor. If you have multiple medical issues, the short time you spend in an office visit with your General Practitioner can sometimes leave you dissatisfied and questions not answered. Acupuncture can treat many complaints at the same time as it is a body balancing procedure. An average visit is usually consists of an hour of treatment. During this time, you will experience a more personalized type of care and you will not leave the office feeling your questions have not been answered.

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